About Adonai Consultants

Adonai Consultants Inc. is a full-service elevator consulting and inspection firm based in Lanham, Maryland and serving the vertical transportation industry throughout the state of Maryland. Since 2001, Adonai Consultants has been working with building owners, elevator maintenance personnel, developers, architects and general contractors to eliminate vertical transportation issues, expedite processes and ensure public safety.

President Steve Weaver started the company in 2001 after working as a Washington DC chief elevator inspector, and elevator plan reviewer and later as a vertical transportation specialist for the USDA. In his capacity as a government inspector, he was often unable to provide detailed consulting to help businesses handle the challenges they faced without creating conflicts of interest. He saw a need for an impartial elevator inspector with the flexibility to help more businesses, contractors and building owners and established Adonai Consultants Inc. in 2001.

Today, Adonai Consultants offers a team of dedicated elevator consultants focused on problem solving and finding solutions that work for buildings owners, businesses and contractors while complying with detailed elevator codes and inspection mandates. Steve and his team of inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the vertical transportation industry, helping owners, contractors and partners save money, expedite processes and solve tough challenges.