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Elevator Design & Inspection

Whether you need help with new elevator designs, require third party inspection services or need an expert consultation or review of your existing vertical transportation system, you can count on Adonai Consultants, a full service elevator inspection agency and consultant, serving the state of Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. See our services below or contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your vertical transportation challenges.


Build / Design

Elevator Designs

Get a head start on your next building project with elevator design services from Adonai Consultants. Our elevator design experts can create and design appropriate elevator applications based on your building's square footage, building use, traffic, floors and number of stairwells. Our unique experience with third party elevator inspections and code compliance issues helps our consultants craft elevator designs that meet all your requirements, helping you avoid red tape and expensive delays later in the process.

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Plan Review / Consultation

Elevator Consultants

Do you need a third party to review of your proposed elevator design plan? Adonai Consultants can review and analyze elevator designs, drawings, specifications and project directives to ensure that the proposed plan for new construction and major repair contracts meets all code standards and features required. As a comprehensive elevator inspection agency, we possess the necessary expertise to provide a detailed analysis of elevator designs, along with key recommendations that save you time and keep your project on track.

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Quality Control Inspections

Elevator Inspection Agency in Maryland

Need an advocate on your side when working with your elevator installation company? Adonai Consultants can be your advocate, monitoring the maintenance and repairs of existing elevators and other vertical transportation equipment, as well as surveying the entire installation of brand new systems to ensure they meet the specifications outlined in your work contract. We can also handle quality control inspections for call backs, shutdowns or minor and major repairs.

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Third Party Elevator Inspections / Certificate Management

Third Party Inspections in Maryland

Adonai Consultants can handle all third party elevator inspections to ensure compliance with regulations and code compliance standards. We can also obtain all Certificates of Operation for yearly inspections. Our elevator inspection agency has been providing comprehensive third party elevator inspections throughout the state of Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas since 2001!

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Maintenance Control Plan

Maintenance Contracts

Section 8.6 of ASME/B44 Elevator and Escalator Safety Code requires a written Maintenance Control Program for your vertical equipment. Adonai Consultants will develop a Maintenance Control Program based on your vertical equipment and area jurisdiction that will include Task Charts, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and Adjustment Logs, and other Logs and Procedure documents which will bring you into compliance and help alleviate unexpected and unnecessary expenses.

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Contract Specialist Services

Elevator Specialist Services

When it comes to elevator systems, safety is paramount. Let us develop, analyze and implement standards of safety for all of your vertical transportation equipment. We can help you with the challenges of the national safety codes and ensure compliance with regulations for elevators, escalators and other systems. Just contact us for details!

Elevator Complaints

Elevator Complaints

Are you receiving complaints about your elevator system that need attention? Have you been contacted by your Jurisdiction of Authority in the Maryland, virginia and/or D.C. Metro region to correct issues or obtain proper certification for your elevators? Adonai Consultants can inspect your elevator system, identify problems and present a detailed report to your elevator contractor with our proposed solutions.

Our elevator inspection agency is well versed in common elevator issues including:

  • Problems with leveling
  • Odd noises
  • Inoperative alarm bells
  • Riders getting stuck
  • Slow elevators
  • Doors hitting riders
  • Out of Date / Non-existent Elevator Certifications
  • and more...

We can also provide reports for your legal team and your insurance company in cases where elevator issues have caused minor incidents or accidents. Just contact us for details!

Equipment / Maintenance Audits

Elevator Repair Services

Adonai Consultants can perform detailed auditing of specific performance measurements, along with a professional analysis of the state of repair equipment, the level of maintenance being performed, compliance with code-mandated procedures, as well as housekeeping practices.

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Third Party Inspection / Certificate Management

Third Party Inspections

Don't fall behind on your yearly elevator inspections! Adonai Consultants can take care of all third party inspections and provide complete certificate management throughout the states of Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas! Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations

Have questions about your elevators or other vertical transportation systems? Get the advice you need from the leader in vertical transportation throughout the states of Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and surrounding areas! Contact us today to setup a FREE phone consultation!